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TOP 10 Best FIFA World Cup 2018 Players

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place between June 14 and July 15 of this year in Russia. This will be the twenty-first edition of this tournament, which will bring together the 32 best selections on the planet. In this article you will find the TOP 10 Best FIFA World Cup 2018 Players.

The current champion, Germany has among his figures with Real Madrid midfielder Tony Kroos , essential piece in the center of the field for the German coach, who together with him and the other players who make up the German team, hope to renew the title of world champion . Players of the stature of the German, will be present with their respective selections, such as Lionel Messi with Argentina, the Spanish Isco, with our team, Neymar and the Brazilian team, to name a few, are the ideal ingredients to follow the world cup .

TOP 10 Best FIFA 2018 Players

At the gates of the launch of the demo ahead of Wednesday September 12 , EA Sports announces the expected Best FIFA World Cup 2018 Players . After knowing the top 20-100 , it was no secret the name of the privileged of this list in which in this edition fall Zlatan Ibrahimović, Jérôme Boateng, Gareth Bale and David de Gea with respect to FIFA 17.

In the case of Swedish and German, their respective seasons have not been as bright as before, so their socks have dropped from 90 to 88. In the case of Welsh, more of the same, so their average also He dropped from 90 to 89. The Spaniard David de Gea maintains his average of 90, but this time he is out in favor of another Spaniard like Sergio Ramos , who with an average of 90 manages to reach the podium.

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List of Best FIFA World Cup 2018 Players

The captain of Real Madrid is the only defender of this Best FIFA World Cup 2018 Players. With a powerful physicist of 85 and a defensive capacity of 90, they turn it into that wall that we all want for our teams, and with a well-known aerial game.

Other new faces compared to past editions are midfielders Toni Kross and Eden Hazard. Their average of 90, which they share with that of Gonzalo Higuain , allows them to reach the top of the best rated players of this edition. The one that repeats is Robert Lewandoski . Fulfilling years does not weigh on the Polish striker and raises his average to 91 to be the sixth Best FIFA World Cup 2018 Players.

But for those who do not spend the years is not for the usual. “Manolito” Neuer will remain the security bolt for any goal are his 92 average signal of some spectacular statistics. And of course, with 92 on average Luis Suárez also returns and the star signing of the summer, Neymar. Who share third place behind the two beasts of football.

One more year, the flea Lionel Messi is a step behind Cristiano Ronaldo . With 93 and 94 on average they return to occupy the top of the TOP 10. The physical power of the Portuguese and the dribbling of the Argentine are two weapons that anyone would like for his team, and surely spend some time until someone can cough and dethrone their privileged position.

1. Ronaldo

2. Messi

3. Neymar

4. Suarez

5. Neuer

6. Lewandoski

7. Ramos

8. Hazard

9. Kross

10. Higuain

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